Meet Silla

Who am I? Well, I'm an amazing mom, a wonderful wife, a sister, a cousin, a kick ass aunt, an awesome friend, supporter of anyone who needs me. I'm a maid, a chef, a chauffeur, a team mom to 18 smelly football players, an organizer, a promoter, reviewer, a blogger...I am an AUTHOR. 

My name is Tyeesha, but for some silly reason, I decided to write under a pen name, Silla Webb.  My true identity has never been obscured, although it was meant to have been. 

I work about 20 hours per day, 7 days a week. I usually take Wednesday off and SLEEP. It's my catch up day to just relax and rest my body. I spend as much time cleaning my house and chasing after my 3 boys as I do writing. I multitask when I can, and it is helpful. 

I'm not perfect. I have left the laundry in the washer til morning, only to oversleep, sending my kids to school commando. Don't judge me. I've burnt dinners, I've let the house go just to write a few more chapters. I stay up all night writing or reading. It's addicting, but I love it.

I'm 100% country...very proud of my Pike County Kentucky roots. Small town livin' with the deep sulfur soot fillin' the air. I love simplicity. I love muddin' as much as I love gettin' a pedicure. Music is an obsession, and although I'm as country as they come, I have a very diverse taste in music. As long as my hips can sway or my ass can shake, I'll probably love it because I love to dance. I'm the daughter of a coal truck driver, sister to coal miners and the wife of a Railroad Engineer. Family means everything to me, and it's the simple things in life that bring me happiness.

I am obsessed with collecting paperback books but can never read them, I only read from my kindle. I like erotica romance/dark romance...I'm an angst whore. I recently realized that my love for dark literature stems back to when I was first introduced to Edgar Allan Poe in the 5th grade. The only exception is now the darkness is filled with steamy, twisted sex.

 My favorite authors include: 
Harper Sloan~Corps Security Series
Marie Wathen~All Series
Maureen Mayer~Second Chance Series
Katy Evans~REAL Series
Marie Force~Fatal Series
Julie Bailes~Shattered Series